Coral Springs is a beautiful and vibrant city located in Broward County, Florida. The master-planned community is home to over 120,000 residents, many of which are families and school-aged children.

Education plays a vital role in the growth and development of our children, both academically and personally. Providing families with safe and welcoming schools is an important task for Coral Springs. The city falls under the jurisdiction of the Broward County Public Schools District (BCPS), which serves students of Coral Springs and surrounding areas.

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Within the city limits, BCPS operates 12 elementary schools, 4 middle schools and 3 high schools. All of the schools within Coral Springs, at one point or another, have received a grade “A” rating from the Florida Department of Education. Regardless of which neighborhood one resides in or which school students are zoned for, families in Coral Springs can be confident their children are receiving top-quality education combined with exceptional extracurriculars.

Public education isn’t the only option for students residing in Coral Springs. The city is home to three charter schools and seven private schools, which also strive to provide top-tier academics and a wide array of enrichment programs.

Below is a brief glimpse at some of the schools located in Coral Springs, Florida:

Elementary Schools

Eagle Ridge Elementary School

1150 Westview Drive, Coral Springs, Florida
Eagle Ridge Elementary School Website

Eagle Ridge Elementary School is the top-performing primary school located in Coral Springs. There are roughly 898 students who attend Eagle Ridge from pre-kindergarten through grade 5. The high achieving school has ranked higher than over 88% of schools in the state and falls in the 24th spot out of nearly 200 elementary schools.

There are 52 full-time teachers employed at Eagle Ridge Elementary School which allows for a teacher to student ratio of just 1:15. Students are progressing at above-average rates at Eagle Ridge, which is evident in areas such as mathematics. While the state average proficiency for math is around 58%, over 80% of students at Eagle Ridge are proficient.

Eagle Ridge has long been a top-performing school with awards such as 5-star award, A+ School award and Golden School Volunteer Award being bestowed upon it. Students enjoy more than just excellent education, Eagle Ridge also is home to exciting additional extracurricular programs.

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Coral Park Elementary School

8401 Westview Drive, Coral Springs, Florida
Coral Park Elementary School Website

Coral Park Elementary School is also located along Westview Drive and welcomes students from pre-kindergarten through the fifth grade. There are currently just over 646 students who attend Coral Park, which also employs 36 full-time teachers. Coral Park students enjoy a lower than average student to teacher ratio of just 15:1.

There are a handful of special programs available to students who attend Coral Park Elementary which include Art, Music and Physical Education, which are provided on a three day rotation. Students who have been identified as having special needs participate in the school's renowned Play Pal program. The program partners 3rd to 5th graders up with students with special needs from kindergarten through grade 5, and offers peer support in areas such as athletics, social time and academics.

Along with the top-quality education, students who attend Coral Park Elementary enjoy participating in many unique aspects of the schools such as the live daily news, which is fun by students, or the Junior Quantum Leap program, which prepares students for honors and advanced placement programs once in high school.

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Westchester Elementary School

12405 Royal Palm Blvd., Coral Springs, Florida
Westchester Elementary School Website

There are over 1,190 students who are welcomed to Westchester Elementary School throughout the academic year. Students from Coral Springs, from pre-kindergarten through grade 5, enjoy the highly-rated school and experienced teachers.

Westchester Elementary School ranks above average, outperforming over 80% of elementary schools within the State of Florida. The school has 60 full-time teachers and provides a teacher to student ratio of just 1:16.

Though academics are the primary focus at Westchester Elementary School, the teachers, staff and parents believe in offering a well-rounded education and do so through the wide number of extracurricular and enrichment programs available.

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Middle Schools

Coral Springs Middle School

10300 Wiles Road, Coral Springs, Florida
Coral Springs Middle School Website

Coral Springs Middle School has a student body of approximately 1,180 pupils from grade 6 through grade 8. The well-ranked middle school promotes a welcoming and inclusive environment that encourages academic and personal growth and development.

Academic excellence is the main goal for students attending Coral Springs, the school also offers a fun and exciting list of extracurricular activities which include a variety of clubs, sports teams, media, production and more. Students are able to find hobbies, interests and common goals which allow them to build life skills and lasting friendships.

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Westglades Middle School

11000 Holmberg Road, Parkland, Florida
Westglades Middle School Website

Westglades Middle School is technically located in neighboring Parkland, Florida, however, the highly ranked middle school serves a portion of Coral Springs. As with all middle schools in Coral Springs, Westglades is administered by the Broward County School District as well.

There are just over 1,840 students who attend Westglades, which was the highest-rated ‘A’ school in Broward County in 2019 and 92nd out of 1,100 within the state. Test scores for students who attend Westglades outperformed over 91% of statewide middle schools.

Students at Westglades Middle School enjoy a challenging and engaging academic curriculum as well as many fun enrichment programs and extracurricular activities. Some of the options include debate club, dance, band, math club, science club and a host of sports teams.

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High Schools

Coral Springs High School

7201 W Sample Road, Coral Springs, Florida
Coral Springs High School Website

Coral Springs High School first opened its doors to students in 1975. Today, the school is home to nearly 3,000 pupils from grade 9 through grade 12. The well-ranking school employs around 120 full-time teachers which offers a teacher to student ratio of 1 to 22.

Students who attend Coral Springs High School are able to enjoy a wide assortment of classes, programs and AP courses. Students have a diverse and extensive course list to choose from which include courses such as Aero Science, Music Theory, Pottery, Chorus, and Self Determination.

Extracurricular programs and enrichment activities are also plentiful at Coral Springs High School. Popular options are Business Professionals of America, Drama Club, Future Farmers of America, Kindness Matters, National Honor Society, Newspaper and Student Government. Sports teams include basketball, football, soccer, and baseball.

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Coral Glades High School

2700 Sportsplex Drive, Coral Springs, Florida
Coral Glades High School Website

Coral Glades High School is located along the west side of Coral Springs, near the Sawgrass Expressway. The well-performing school welcome just under 2,500 students throughout the academic year from grade 9 to grade 12. There are approximately 95 full-time students employed at Coral Glades High School which makes the student to teacher ratio 25 to 1.

Those who attend Coral Glades High School enjoy a strong sense of community and school pride. The academic programs offered cover a multitude of options which allows students to follow their interest and gifts. Along with the core curriculum, students attending Coral Glades High School are able to enroll in courses such as Global Perspective, European History, Psychology, Creative Writing, Culinary Arts, Dance, Early Childhood Education and much more.

Sports and extracurriculars are also an important component of student life at Coral Glades High School. Students are able to participate in a number of teams, clubs and activities throughout the year. Some favorites include yearbook, tennis, basketball, football, National Honor Society and drama.

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Charter Schools

Coral Springs Charter School

3205 N University Drive, Coral Springs, Florida
Coral Springs Charter School Website

Coral Springs Charter School opened up in the city in 1999. An abandoned mall was purchased by Charter Schools USA and converted into the school which serves students from grade 6 to grade 12. Today, there are about 1,700 students attending Coral Springs Charter, with a low teacher to student ratio of just 1 to 17.

Being a charter school, Coral Springs Charter has a heavy focus on academics. Students are required to maintain good grades and are held accountable for their performances. Around 60% of graduating students go on to enroll in a 4-year college program and 30% in a 2-year program. Since 2006, the school has received a grade ‘A’ ranking.

Despite the requirements for academic performance, Coral Springs Charter also features a number of exciting activities and clubs. Students are able to participate in options such as art club, builders club, robotics, debate and National Honors, or National Junior Honors Society. Sports teams include football, track, bowling, swimming, and golf.

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Renaissance Charter School

NW 62nd Avenue, 6250 W Sample Rd, Coral Springs, FL
Renaissance Charter School Website

Renaissance Charter School has been a part of Coral Springs since it opened its doors in August of 2011. The well-ranking school welcomes students from kindergarten to grade 8. Currently, there are about 1,500 students from around the city who attend Renaissance.

The popular charter school is committed to teaching and developing students minds through a number of different avenues, mainly focusing on their academic excellence. The mission of the school is to develop the students of today into our leaders of tomorrow.

Student life is fun for all at Renaissance, as the school provides many activities to participate in. There is also a high level of parent involvement, as the school counts on families to work together to support the students' journey.

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Private Schools

Saint Andrew Catholic School

2251 Riverside Drive, Coral Springs, Florida
Saint Andrew Catholic School Website

Saint Andrews Catholic School is a private, religious school that serves students from kindergarten through grade 8. The school has a small student body of only 255 students. Being a private institute, Saint Andrew Catholic School does require tuition for enrollment and attendance.

Students who attend St. Andrews Catholic School enjoy their tight-knit school community which allows for students to build close, lifelong friendships. A standard curriculum is offered, however, faith-based education is integrated into all areas of learning.

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Central Academy Preparatory School

4700 Riverside Drive, Coral Springs, Florida
Center Academy Prep School Website

Center Academy Prep School is an independent school that accepts students with ADHD, Aspergers, dyslexia and other learning disabilities. The impressive school specializing in education and programs which accommodate each student's unique abilities and learning style.

The goal of the school is ultimately to match students with unique learning styles to teachers with unique teaching styles. Through this “out of the box” thinking, students are encouraged and supported to make and meet academic and personal goals.

It’s more than just academics at Central Academy. The school routinely hosts activities and events for students to enjoy which include arts & crafts, BBQ’s, dances, cookouts, races, spirit weeks, and physical education programs such as soccer, flag football, basketball and kickball.

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Education is important and though Coral Springs is filled with well-ranked schools, ultimately families need to decide which option best fits their child's needs. This list serves as a brief overview of the schooling option in Coral Springs. For a complete list of schools, as well as zoning, enrollment and attendance information, please visit the Broward County Public Schools District Website or the Coral Springs official website.

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