Do I need a home inspection?

Yes. Even in this crazy market that we're in, in 2021, we would never recommend to our buyers to waive their home inspection. If you wanna pay above appraise value, you wanna pay more money, there's a lot of other creative ways to make your offer stronger. But at the end of the day, just visually walking through a house, there's a lot of things that we could be missing that a home inspector is gonna pick up. Please don't waive your home inspection. That's just a really easy way to get really hurt financially down the road when the property is not in the condition that you thought it was in.

An inspection normally costs around $500 to $600 bucks, depending on the type of inspections that you're getting and the type of property, but you really don't wanna waive that. You wanna make sure you're getting an inspector out there who's looking at the roof, the AC, the plumbing, the electrical, all of those things that you you might not see visually walking through a house. You're gonna want a trained professional to look at.

In addition to that, the inspector is gonna have to give you a couple of different reports that you're gonna need for insurance anyway. So you're going to need a home inspector at the bare minimum for a wind mitigation and a four point inspection if the property is a little bit older, you need to have inspector take a look at the property to make sure you didn't visually miss anything. Not a lot of flippers will have it look cosmetically nice, but you don't wanna make sure there's all the structural issues. The bones of the property are good.

That's what it inspector is for. If you have any questions about the home buying process, reach out to us, give us a call or shoot us a text or send us an email.

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