Moving To And Living In Parkland, Florida: The Defintive Guide [2021 Edition]

Posted by Andy Mandel on Monday, February 1st, 2021  1:40pm.

Parkland is a beautiful city in Broward County, Florida. It’s a part of the Miami metropolitan area and has a population of approximately 28,900 people. The zoning laws of parkland are designed to protect the “park-like” character of the city, making this one of the most beautiful and scenic areas to live in.

The city consists of an abundance of natural and man-made lakes as well as copious open spaces lined with mature trees and beautifully manicured grounds. The residents of Parkland are familiar with the picturesque settings, the amazing waterfront real estate, and the incredibly safe neighborhoods, many of which are gated communities. The median income of Parkland residents is approximately $126,905, making the city one of the wealthiest cities in the entire country.

Broward County is home to many fantastic cities, towns, and villages, but Parkland has to be one of the best places to live. Not only is the real estate absolutely incredible, but the locals have easy access to major roads and highways, allowing them to venture out into the neighboring cities, such as Fort Lauderdale, to enjoy the awesome amenities found in big cities without actually having to live among the hustle and bustle of that city. Parkland residents can truly enjoy the best of both worlds: busy city living and spacious, private homes.

What is the history of Parkland, FL?

Parkland, Florida, was founded in the early 1900s. The land that Parkland resides in, Broward County, was originally to be named Everglades County, due to the vast everglades terrain surrounding the area. This beautiful county was first used strictly as agricultural land, but later turned into a popular residential community. Dania was the first incorporated community, and in 1908, Pompano was established, and two year later, Fort Lauderdale followed suit. Around 1915, Parkland became an incorporated town.

The surrounding area went through a major developmental boom shortly after its incorporation. Fort Lauderdale opened the first tourist hotel in 1919, allowing for tourists to explore the surrounding towns and cities. This drew attention to the humble Parkland where visitors could enjoy the beautiful grounds and tranquil lakes.

By 1925, many of the towns within Broward County gained in popularity and the economics really took off. However, in 1926, Miami was hit by a hurricane that caused major economic disasters. The entire county was hit hard and the various small towns struggled to remain intact.

Post-World War II, the economy saw another boost. This was about the time of the transformation from the agricultural industry to the more urbanized residential-focused developments. The damage that Parkland saw to their agriculture during the mid-20s began to turn into beautiful home developments.

During the 1950s and 1960s, the city continued to focus on resort-style homes along the many lakes of Parkland. The quiet waters made for high demand on the real estate market. Waterfront property grew in popularity and many big-city folk tended to settle in the area, customizing beautiful vacation homes.

Over the years, Parkland has remained a staple in the real estate market as a high contender among waterfront properties and spacious lots, perfect for those who love the busy cities, such as Fort Lauderdale, but wish to reside in a quieter, and quite frankly, safer town.

What is Real Estate like in Parkland?

The beautiful homes for sale in Parkland, Florida, feature a variety of incredible views. There are plenty of homes situated along the upscale golf courses in the area, gorgeous waterfront properties along the various bays and lakes, as well as private, gated communities that sport immaculate landscaping designs.

Parkland real estate is among the more expensive listings found in the state. The average selling price for a Parkland home is approximately $749,500. The average rental price for a home in Parkland is about $2,535, though roughly 84 percent of residents in the area own their homes rather than renting.

Beautiful condominiums and townhomes have been developed over the last decade. These modern homes are a popular choice of real estate in Parkland and are highly desirable. The cost of a condo or townhome in the city can be anywhere between $145,000 to over $499,900.

Free-standing, single-family homes make up a large portion of the real estate in Parkland. These gorgeous homes feature modern designs, beautiful landscaping, and sizable plots of land. Single-family homes start around $405,900 for the average three-bedroom, two-bathroom home and can cost an upwards of $4,350,000 for an upscale, luxury home.

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Parkland is home to some of the finest and safest neighborhoods in the state of Florida. The upscale homes, amazing views, and proximity to fantastic amenities make these neighborhoods the most coveted on the real estate market. Among many incredible Parkland neighborhoods are Heron Bay, Cypresshead, and Fox Ridge.

Heron Bay is one of the most notable neighborhoods in Parkland. The area features two community clubhouses boasting tropical swimming pools and spas, membership-only fitness centers, tennis, racquetball, and basketball courts, billiards, children’s playground, and a championship 18-hold golf course. Members of this wonderful community have full access to all of the great amenities found within.

Cypresshead is a desirable gated community built around a beautiful lake. There are dozens of large homesites surrounding the waters, offering spectacular views as well as highly coveted waterfront properties. Most of the homes in the area feature private pools and gorgeous landscaping. The community clubhouse features a community pool and several tennis courts.

Fox Ridge is another gated community. This area features luxury, single-family homes surrounding a large private park that is inaccessible to the general public. The park is home to a wonderful children’s playground as well as tennis courts. Residents of Fox Ridge have easy access to major roads and highways, shopping opportunities, dining options, and city parks.

Parkland Estates is a small enclave of just 35 custom-built homes designed by Lennar Homes. These luxury properties are made up of one- or two-storey models. Most feature private pools, gourmet kitchens, marble floors, and high-end appliances. The residents of Parkland Estates can easily access the nearby facilities including many places of worship, a newly constructed YMCA, and great schools.

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What is there to do in Parkland?

There is always something exciting going on in Parkland, Florida. Locals can indulge in the many activities, excursions, and various entertainment venues close by. Young and old can enjoy the adventures and outings available including arcades, mini-golf, escape rooms, axe-throwing establishments, indoor playgrounds, and movie theatres.

Pine Trails Park in Parkland Florida

Golfers can enjoy the various championship, 18-hole golf courses in and around the Parkland community. Parkland Golf and Country Club and Heron Bay Golf Club are the most popular courses available to the folks of Parkland. For more golfing expeditions, residents can easily venture out to the surrounding towns and enjoy the golf courses found within their borders.

If nothing in Parkland is striking your fancy, or you’re finding you need a chance of scenery, residents can explore the nearby cities and towns of Florida. Among the closest are Boca RatonCoral Springs, and Pompano Beach. Approximately thirty minutes away is the exciting Fort Lauderdale, which has copious adventures and activities waiting to be enjoyed.

Enjoy The Outdoors

Parkland is home to numerous scenic parks and recreation areas. Among the many walking trails, bike paths, playgrounds, and athletic fields, locals have ample opportunity to enjoy the fresh air while staying healthy and active.

Pine Trails Park is home to four baseball fields, a soccer field, basketball and tennis courts, as well as a large playground and a concession stand. This beautiful park is a local favorite among Parkland residents.

Liberty Park is made up of seven acres of extremely well-maintained green grounds. There are two playgrounds available, one suitable for children between the ages of two and five and the other for children ages five and up. The gazebos and tables make for an excellent picnic area and the magnificent splash park is perfect for cooling off in the hot Florida weather.

Covered Bridge Park is a more subtle park, not one of children’s playground and sports fields, but picturesque grounds that are perfect for photography and communing with nature. The namesake is a bridge located in the middle of the park that was donated in the 1980s. Beautiful tree-lined trails are available for tranquil strolls and wildlife sightings. Visitors can spot turtles, butterflies, and a wide variety of birds.

Florida is known for thrilling trips throughout the everglades. Parkland has several tour companies available for locals and visitors alike. Knowledgeable guides will take you through the rivers of grass where you can spot water lilies, sawgrass, and cattails as well as turtles, snakes, birds, and alligators.

A Focus On Education

The student population of Parkland falls under the jurisdiction of Broward County Public Schools, which is based out of Fort Lauderdale. With over 271,517 students enrolled in the 327 schools and education centers, Broward is the 6th largest school district in the nation. Of the 327 schools that make up the school district, just five of them provide education to the residents of Parkland, Florida.

There are three elementary schools that serve the Parkland community: Riverglades Elementary School, Park Trails Elementary School, and Heron Heights Elementary School.

There is one middle school that serves the Parkland community: Westglades Middle School.

There is one high school that serves the Parkland community: Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Arts And Culture

Parkland is home to a well-run organization dedicated to showcasing and encouraging the artistic scene within the city. The Broward County Cultural Division strives to advocate for the artistic and cultural focus of the towns and cities within Broward County.

Coral Springs Museum of Art is an excellent example of the thriving arts and culture of Broward County. The museum features samples of local and national artwork. Traditional, Modern, and Postmodern art are showcased in the permanent collection. Every three months, new exhibits are rotated into the displays. The sculpture garden consists of magnificent sculptures to examine from various international artists.

Along with displays of beautiful artwork, the residents of Parkland are also privy to many different classes. All ages can partake in beginner to experienced artistic classes. The Coral Springs Museum of Art is home to two large studios as well as a ceramic and pottery studio featuring two kilns. Classes are taught by professional and accomplished artists. Groups can tour the museum, particularly private and public schools as well as homeschool groups.

Restaurants And Shopping

The residents of Parkland can take advantage of the fantastic selection of restaurants within the community. Locals can find everything from cozy coffee shops to fine dining, from ethnic eateries to traditional, American comfort food. Parkland locals can enjoy a quick bite at various fast food establishments or enjoy some drinks and appetizers at the excellent pubs and craft breweries.

There are two large strip malls located in Parkland: Pine Ridge Square and Royal Eagle Plaza. Both establishments consist of big box stores as well as a variety of locally run boutiques and eclectic shops. Locals can find all the staples, such as groceries, pharmacies, and clothing, to luxury retailers, such as jewelers, home decor, and trendy boutiques among the retailers in these fantastic malls.

For those wishing to explore even more shopping opportunities, Parkland residents can easily venture into the nearby towns and cities to indulge in the shops there. Several nearby towns are home to large shopping centers including the Town Center of Boca Raton, The Walk of Coral Springs, Coral Square, and the Reserve Shopping Center.

No matter which incredible neighborhood potential residents are considering, they can rest assured that anywhere in Parkland is going to be a dream come true. The fantastic neighborhoods, the low crime rates, the amazing schools, and fabulous amenities make this picturesque community one of the best places to reside in the state. Everyone from young professionals to established families to retirees can find a home suitable to their specific lifestyle. The range of affordable and luxurious homes coupled with the friendly and welcoming neighborhoods make the decision to move to Parkland, Florida, one of the easiest--not to mention the best--decision you’ll ever make.