All of the contracts that we're writing down here these days are on what's called the As-Is with Right to Inspect Form. That means you as the buyer have the right to get a home inspection. The contract states that you as the buyer can back out for any reason whatsoever, during your home inspection period. So make sure you're getting a good, reputable home inspector to check out the house thoroughly during that period to make sure that if the home is not in good condition, you can back out and you get refunded all of your money.

Some of the things the inspector's gonna look for are roof, AC, plumbing and electrical issues. Those are the big, main four. So they're gonna make sure the home has no roof leaks. They're gonna make sure all the appliances work. They've gotta make sure the AC's in working order. Are the coils cleaned? Is it cooling properly? They're gonna make sure there's no plumbing leaks. There's no bad plumbing like polybutylene or cast iron. And they're gonna make sure all the electrical is working perfectly. You don't have any bad electrical panels, don't have any aluminum wiring. There's GFCIs in all the places that they need to be. The inspector's gonna look at a lot more stuff than that. They're gonna make sure all the appliances are working. You know, the pool is in working order, everything in the house will be inspected. And a good inspector will give you a lengthy report with pictures. But you have your home inspection and that inspector's gonna make sure you know exactly what you're buying. If you have any other questions about the home buying process, give us a call, shoot us a text or send us an email.

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