Your Lighthouse Point, FL Real Estate Questions Answered

Living next to the ocean is a dream for many. Although there are many places to choose from, Lighthouse Point, Florida, stands out for its fantastic weather, beach access, and numerous housing options.

Whether you’re looking to buy a cozy one-bedroom condo or a massive estate with waterfront views, Lighthouse Point offers something for everyone. If you want a life of sunshine and sea breezes, consider buying a home in this dreamy area.

If you’re wondering if Lighthouse Point is the right place for you, read on to learn more about the area and get answers to all your real estate questions.

What Do You Need To Know About Lighthouse Point, FL?

Lighthouse Point is a lovely suburb in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It is a small suburb located between Pompano Beach and Deerfield Beach. The area is known for its safe and family-friendly atmosphere. It also has plenty of beachfront real estate, various shopping options, and excellent dining opportunities.

This picturesque suburb was appropriately named after the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse. It is the perfect spot for anyone who loves to be near the water. With easy access to the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway, Lighthouse Point offers plenty of beaches, marinas, and other attractions.

Lighthouse Point, Florida, is an ideal location for those looking to purchase a home in the Sunshine State. With its beautiful beaches, sunny skies, and waterfront views, it’s no wonder people are drawn to this enchanting place.

What Do Residents Love About Lighthouse Point, FL?

Lighthouse Point, Florida, residents love living in this small but vibrant area. It is a safe and welcoming community offering excellent quality of life. Visitors and residents alike enjoy the many activities available in this charming suburb.

Here are some of the things that make Lighthouse Point a great place to live.

Proximity to the Beach

The main attraction of Lighthouse Point is its proximity to multiple beach towns and is just a short drive from the beautiful beaches of Hillsboro Beach, Pompano Beach, and Deerfield Beach. On any given day, residents can take a short walk or drive to enjoy white sand beaches and crystal blue waters.

The Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse is also a popular attraction in the area. This beautiful beacon is an Instagrammable landmark and one of the most photographed lighthouses in Florida. It was built in 1907 and continues to guide sailors today.

Excellent Weather

Florida is known for its sunny and moderate weather, which makes it a great spot to buy real estate. Lighthouse Point has some of the best weather in Florida, and it has mild temperatures year-round and an average of approximately 230 sunny days yearly. With so much sunshine, residents have plenty of time to enjoy outdoor activities like boating, fishing, and golfing.

The area also has excellent air quality. The climate is dry and temperate, with plenty of fresh salty sea breezes. You can enjoy all the benefits of living near the ocean without worrying about extreme weather or humidity. Plus, it has less pollution than many other areas in the state.

Center of Activities

Being near the water means enjoying various water activities like sailing, fishing, swimming, and water sports. There are also plenty of other activities to enjoy in Lighthouse Point and it is home to several golf courses, tennis courts, and parks.

You can also take advantage of the excellent shopping options in the area. Among them are unique boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants. There’s something for everyone in this lively community!

Relaxed Atmosphere

Lighthouse Point is an excellent spot to buy real estate if you want a more laid-back atmosphere. A perfect mix of urban and suburban, it offers a true sense of community, with plenty of friendly neighbors and great places to explore. Locals often enjoy leisurely walks, bike rides, and outdoor activities all year round.

The area also has a low crime rate, making it the perfect place for families to call home. Plus, Lighthouse Point is well known for its excellent school system and wide range of activities for children. It’s also incredibly pet-friendly!

What’s the Value of Real Estate and Rental Spaces in This Neighborhood?

Lighthouse Point provides various housing and rental options. The area is home to many condos, single-family homes, and villas. Real estate prices in the area can range from affordable to high-end luxury.

The median home price is $1,565,000 as of February 2023, which makes it an expensive city, especially for exclusive waterfront properties. However, you can get a great deal if you patiently look in the right place and with the help of an experienced real estate agent. Meanwhile, the median rent is $3,175. You can find condos, apartments, or houses for rent that fit your needs and budget. 

There are 147 available homes for sale and 54 homes for rent in Lighthouse Point. On average, Lighthouse point homes spend 76 days on the market before they are sold. The housing market is currently a buyer’s market, with buyers able to acquire properties 9.52 percent below the asking price. This makes right now the perfect time to buy a home in Lighthouse Point!

Potential homeowners looking for a new place to call home should take advantage of the incredible value that Lighthouse Point offers, especially while the market is in your favor. You should be able to negotiate the best deal and secure your dream home, so start your home search immediately before the market shifts. 

Lighthouse Point is a great place to buy property in Florida with its picturesque beaches, relaxing atmosphere, and excellent real estate deals. You’ll regret it if you don’t take advantage of the great values available. 

What Does the Economy of Lighthouse Point, FL, Look Like?

The economy in Lighthouse Point is solid and diverse. The area has a thriving tourism industry, with many vacationers coming to experience the area’s natural beauty. Additionally, many businesses cater to both tourists and locals alike. This includes restaurants, shopping centers, art galleries, and other attractions.

The median household income is $80,621 annually, higher than the $53,482 national average. This suburb offers excellent job opportunities in various sectors, from healthcare to finance and business.

The unemployment rate is low at 5.3 percent, and recent job growth increased by 1.9 percent over the past year. The top three industries driving economic growth include healthcare and social assistance; retail trade; and professional, scientific, and technical services.

The cost of living is 36.8 percent higher than the national average. Although higher, there is no denying that Lighthouse Point is a great place to live and work with its abundance of activities, breathtaking sceneries, and relaxed atmosphere.

How Diverse Is Lighthouse Point, FL?

Lighthouse Point is predominantly Caucasian, with 85.5 percent of the population being White and Non-Hispanic. Other major ethnicities in Lighthouse Point include White and Hispanic (7.66 percent) and Multiracial and Hispanic (2.38 percent). Other ethnic groups are also represented in smaller numbers, including Asians, African Americans, and foreign-born citizens.

What Are the Schools Located Here?

Lighthouse Point is part of the Broward County Public School System. There are a variety of public and private schools in the area with excellent ratings, including:

  • Norcrest Elementary School
  • Deerfield Beach Middle School
  • Deerfield Beach High School
  • Trinity Christian School

These schools offer a rigorous and well-rounded education for students of all ages and backgrounds.

Is Lighthouse Point, FL, a Safe Place To Live In?

Lighthouse Point has a violent crime rate of 8.9 percent and a property crime rate of 31.1 percent. These rates are lower than the national average crime rates of 22.7 percent and 35.4 percent, respectively. The area is relatively safe compared to other parts of the country, with a crime rate below the national average.

Lighthouse Point is also one of the safest areas in Florida. While plenty of tourists can add to the population, particularly during peak season, the area is still relatively small. The local police department is dedicated to keeping the community safe, so residents can rest assured knowing their safety is well taken care of. You can feel safe walking around your neighborhood day or night.

Final Thoughts

Lighthouse Point, Florida, offers an unbeatable combination of sun, sand, and surf. Its beautiful beaches, temperate climate, and low crime rate make it the perfect place to call home. It also features an above-average school system and a wide range of amenities, making it an ideal spot for families to establish roots.

Whether you’re looking for a vacation spot to enjoy the sun and sand or a place to call home year-round, Lighthouse Point is the perfect place to settle down. It also has excellent job opportunities, a strong economy, and a diverse local and international population. Lighthouse Point should be on your radar if you’re looking for a new place to live. After all, it is like a never-ending vacation!

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