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Park Trails Elementary School9

Parkland, FL | Broward County


August 19, 2014

Teachers we've had so far have not been involved with children. This year's still doesn't know our child's name on day 3. Last year was no better. Parents are mostly from Parkland, so are rude snobs. Some are friendly, but the vast majority are just mean and judgmental. No parking lot makes pick ups and drop offs painful and long. Administration is friendly and helpful.

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August 5, 2014

I have two children one of who went to Park Trails the year before last and then we had to move to the west coast due to my husbands job...we came back to Parkland - for this school! I will never send my children to any other public school other then Park Trails. The staff is amazing; the parents are incredible; the teachers are so kind hearted; educated and truly care. Im so happy to be back in Parkland...this is were my children will remain until middle school.

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June 16, 2014

Park Trails is an excellent school. My daughter went their last year for Pre-K and the teachers are excellent. They do a great job with the ESE program and have great therapist there. The school is well maintained and kept up. They do a great job with the field day and events to bring the parents in to show them what their kids are doing. The main challenge one may have to get their child into Park Trails is the overcrowding due to the growth of Parkland. If you can get your child into the school, I would recommend it.

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May 13, 2014

I have 3 kids at Park Trails. This is the 4th elementary school I have experienced and I have nothing but great things to say about our experience here. Every single one of the teachers my children have had have been amazing. They really go above and beyond to make learning fun, interesting, and challenging. My oldest is in the gifted program, and has really thrived. The gifted teachers are phenomenal. My two younger children are in the regular classes and have had incredible teachers as well- kind, caring, and willing to go above and beyond the curriculum to enrich the experience of their classes. When my middle child struggled in a subject, she received extra help. When she was ahead of the curve, she received enrichment work. The parents are very involved and the PTA does a lot of the school. There are a ton of great field trips and school activities. I think this is as good as is gets in Broward County.

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May 10, 2014

Awesome! I have had 4 children at Park Trails since its opening resulting in 18 years of experience. Two children have progressed through Park Trails, Westglades, and Douglas. Two are still in school and doing very well. I may not agree with Broward School board policies but I fully support the teachers at all of the local schools. The teachers at Park Trails go above and beyond to create an interesting environment to learn. This year my children have planted gardens, watched butterflies develop, and learned how to play chess. One child attended a national robotics competition, designed projects with a 3-D printer, and ran several lighting productions. All of these experiences taught them important lessons in lieu of traditional lectures. They have never complained about the environment of the school. In fact, they look forward to school everyday. We are very fortunate.

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May 8, 2014

This is a wonderful school. I have two children and two nieces that attended K-5 (24 years of education) and I have nothing negative to report. The teachers are up on the latest educational trends but keep their roots in the "tried and true" strategies at the same time. The special classes are great, as the teachers are very knowledgeable in their areas. Both of my children have gone on to middle school to be part of NJHS and recommended for the Duke TIP program and National Young Leaders Program. The foundation was set at Park Trails. Not only do these teachers educate, but they TRULY care about the children. One teacher invited the class to her home for a day of gardening! Other teachers attend students' recitals and sporting events outside of the school day. I also heard about a teacher going to a student's home to visit her new baby sister. While another teacher kept a student after to help a child with his homework because his parents did not speak English. At this school your child will receive a great education, develop a love for school, and feel a sense of belonging.

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May 6, 2014

Park Trails is the worst elementary school ever. I have 5 kids and have seen 5 elementary schools due to moving and the age span of our children. This is by far the worst. The principal wants to know what can I do? but does nothing. The noise at the school is so high due to the lack of respect from the students. The cafe is so loud my child is in tears. The amount of sugar that they eat at school and the time spent in front of the tv is absurd. The teachers are under educated and lazy. The lack of interest in stimulating the children vs turning on the tv is like nothing I have ever seen. It is not Saturday morning. The staff does not require respect however uses a card system that means nothing as it is a zoo in the school at all times. They remove a misbehaving student and place them in a neighboring class not out of the classrooms. This school is not an A school is not a top school and should be avoided if you can. I may homeschool to avoid it.

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July 12, 2013

This is an excellent schools. I have had two children in this school and the experience gets better each year.

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August 31, 2011

This is an excellent school. I have 2 children in Park Trails each with different learning capabilities. The school has met their needs above and beyond in every way.

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August 4, 2011

This might be as long as an essay because, PT was the greatest 6 years of my life i started PT when i was in kindergarten and now im in 8th grade at westglades.First all the teachers their were great teachers, i may not have liked them all but i have remembered everything they've taught me up to this day, It was the place i've learned to read and write, and every year since 3rd grade i have been getting straight 5s on my fcat. Next the kids there are great and very nice, it was a place where i met some of my bestfriends now even through middle school.Also the lunch's there were very good every year, it sometimes got very loud but i can still remember till this day ms.krate keeping us all in line everyday. 4th of all my favorite part of being at PT was the yearly field day it is a great time where the classes get together and get to compete against each other in athletic competitions,like my favorite the 50 yard dash.Lastly one thing i will always remember are the extremely nice crossing gaurds who always safely got all the students across trails end road.

June 3, 2011

This is an excellent school. I have two children in the school and the learning experience has been great. The PTA is strong and adds to the ability to offer learning tools in addition to what the county provides.

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June 21, 2010

Park Trails is an amazing elementary school. My two son's attend and both have had great teachers and a great experience overall.

April 13, 2010

it is my daughters last year at this school her improvemens of her grades are great. all her teachers have been great. even the staff when you visit or sign your child in they always give you a friendly nod smile or wave. The school officer is great he teaches litte classes with the students telling them to make right choices. The crossing gaurds are always doing there duties. But the school was way over crowded but they make heron hights so no the school is perfect. also i want to give a thumbs up to mrs.renguiso she is an outstanding pricipal she tries her best at every thing she does so thank you to all.

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April 10, 2010

My first child attended kindergarten class at Park Trails. The carpool line was aweful. We lived in Parkland Isles and had to leave 30 minutes before school started so we were not late. The parents are rude. The cafeteria is a zoo. The police officer assigned to the school is nasty. My sons teacher was nice. But guess what? We were LUCKY to be able to move to Cary, North Carolina (in 2007) where the people are nice and the schools are BETTER. My children love it here. My husband and I love it here. People are NICE in NC. It is a relaxed environment here. NOT everybody's kid is gifted here. No one cares what brand of clothing you wear. You don't have to be showered and dressed up to go to your kids school or to Publix. People smile and say hello here. NC and its schools ROCK!

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April 8, 2010

This is our first year here and it has been excellent, excellent, excellent! Every experience we have had has been handled with politeness, professionalism and in a timely manner. We are kept informed by the teacher (and school) through emails, phone calls and newsletter. I realize that our experience may be different now that the school has lost some of its overcrowdedness due to the new school opening in Parkland - but either way, my children are so happy to be there and are thriving!

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