All right, we're here for episode two of our home flipping vlog. We're here in the Cypress Glen neighborhood of Coral Springs for a home that we're flipping. I wanna show you a little bit of the getting to completion project here. So we got floors down. I'll give you a little tour around the house. So we ended up taking down that little half wall towards the front here. It opened up the entire house. They fixed the stucco and we painted it. We gotta touch up the paint obviously, where the wall came down, but that nice, bright white color really brightens up the house. Makes it look a lot more modern and that's what today's buyer's really looking for. We still have to do the landscaping.

We're gonna do some work there in the little island in the circular driveway. Obviously we got some weeds we gotta kill, so we're gonna fertilize the lawn, so it's nice and pretty. And we're gonna plant some flowers, and really redo all the landscaping, obviously in this front area here. But this house is gonna be unrecognizable in another 30 to 45 days, here from the outside. It's gonna be a completely different looking house. Floors are all in. We still need to paint the house, but we got this big 24 by 24 inch gray tile throughout the house. You got new baseboards that are down. We did the popcorn, so there's no more popcorn ceilings. It's knocked down. They're just finishing it up over here, but they are installing some recessed lighting in the kitchen here. They're gettin' to the garage, so they're finishing up now, so let's see if we can get out there and take a look. So they're finishing up the popcorn in the garage.

As you can see, it's a big mess. Popcorn's one of those things where, if you're gonna do it, you're better off doing it, you know, right before you move in, because this gets just really messy. But you can see the ceiling, it's all been scraped. And then they're going to seal it and put in the knockdown finish to match the rest of the house here. But they painted the ceilings. They got the knockdown on the ceilings up here. Let's take a look at the bathrooms 'cause they're pretty done too. So we went with the same tile throughout the bathroom. This was actually a mistake. We had a extra tile picked out, but it doesn't look bad. We went with this really nice marble-looking tile up the shower wall here. We got a new fan installed and we're going to get new vanities here. And then we'll go to this bathroom, 'cause it is a big difference already. As you can see, the same tile throughout this bathroom floor here. They raised this shower floor.

If you remember, this was a big step down. They raised it up, probably a good foot. So it's no longer that giant step down shower. And we did the same tile up the wall here. We're still gonna do a new light fixture, a new vanity here, and let's take it outside. So we got really lucky. We actually were able to save some money. We did not have to do the entire flat roof above us here on the patio. We were able to seal it with an elastomeric seal. It gave it a lot extra useful life, and it was way cheaper than replacing the entire roof. So we got lucky there. As you can see, the pool, they're not finished yet. They got halfway through and then had to stop, but they are starting to install the tiles now. They'll be finished with this in probably another week or so. They're gonna re-Diamond Brite the entire thing to give it that nice, deep blue look. So we're gonna leave this bare, so someone can install their own summer kitchen, I think. But we'll have all the piping and all the electric and stuff is gonna be there. They have to finish flattening out the ceiling over here and making it look better. There were some spots where the drywall needed to get replaced in the flat roof.

So that's all being repaired. But we are definitely coming along. Still got this amazing, amazing view, and this is still going to be the selling feature of this house here. But we painted the entire exterior of the house white, so it's got a nice modern look there. Let's come round the outside. Nice white coat of paint. It's gonna make the house look really, really bright. We're gonna end up painting and changing that door. We did have to replace the AC. So we got a brand new AC system, and as you can see, they were able to patch the stucco and fix the hole in the wall. They're gonna finish painting it, but we got a lot of new stuff coming in. This is going to be a beautiful house.

Stay tuned, we got a lot more stuff coming to this house. I can't wait to continue showing you the upgrades as we do them, as we finish the bathrooms, and as we get closer to being sold. But this home should probably be ready in another 30 to 45 days. Once you start laying the floors, and that's all taken care of, the rest of the stuff tends to happen pretty quickly. So we're super excited to show you the finished product, and stay tuned for the next episode.

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