Moving to Parkland Florida Pros and Cons

So you're thinking about making a move to Parkland, Florida. And you wanna know, what are the pros and what are the cons? Is it worth moving here? Well, in this video, we're gonna go over our top pros and our top cons of living in Parkland, Florida from someone who grew up here.

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All right. So let's get into it with the pros. Pro number one is excellent schools. So one of the main reasons why people come to Parkland is because the public schools are so well-rated. So we have really, really excellent schools. There are three elementary schools and the way the zoning works is you kind of get to pick and choose based on availability which schools you wanna send your kid to. So maybe if one elementary school has a better program or if they have friends in another elementary school, if there's availability, you can apply to get reassigned to a different elementary school. We have one middle school, West Glades Middle and we have Stoneman Douglas High School. So all schools are really, really highly rated. It's an excellent place for kids. I grew up here, I went to the public schools. I promise you, you get a really, really good education here at the public schools. And that is one of the number one drivers why people move here to Parkland.

Pro number two. It's very family friendly. So again, because of the schools, it drives a certain crowd of people here to Parkland so there are a lot of families who live here. People with kids who wanna give their kids, you know, that suburban residential feel, that really, really great lifestyle. There's tons of parks, tons of activities for the kids to do, you know, little league soccer, football, basketball, baseball, you name it. There's tons of activities here that are very family friendly. It is a great place to raise kids when they're growing up. There's also two 55 and over communities here in Parkland. So if your parents or grandparents, they wanna be close to the grandkids and still live in a very nice area, there are two 55 and over communities and they're building here. They're very, very new construction. As I'm recording this video, one of them is still being finished. The other one is kind of just getting started, but they have single family houses. They have villas. So there's a lot of different options here for 55 and over communities as well for the older crowd who might want to live in a nice area and still be close to the grandkids.

Pro number three is proximity to the highways. So just on the South side of Parkland is the Sawgrass Expressway. So you can take that South and go down to Fort Lauderdale or Miami. You can take it East and then you can get on the Turnpike really easily. You can get to I-98 really easily. There's very, very close proximity to all the major highways here. So it's very well located. You can get to just about anywhere you gotta be relatively quickly because of where the highways are located in relation to Parkland.

Pro number four. It's a very safe area. So there's a really, really low crime rate here in Parkland. That kind of goes, you know, it's as to be expected with a family friendly safe environment, Parkland is constantly rated one of the top places to raise a family not just in Florida, but across the country. So it's a really, really safe place, very low crime growing up in Parkland. The only crime that I really ever heard about or saw was, you know, the crimes of opportunity. So if you leave your car doors unlocked and people are kind of walking around and seeing if you can get into cars, things like that. If you lock your car doors at night, it's about as safe as it's gonna get. You don't really see too many home burglaries or violent crimes or anything like that. Parkland is just a really, really safe area.

Lastly, Pro number five is you get newer homes and slightly larger homes in Parkland and compared to some of the surrounding cities. So Parkland has a bunch of neighborhoods that they're just finishing. So newer construction, built 2010 or newer. You get more bang for your buck in Parkland as far as housing goes. So compared to let's call it Boca Raton for what 800,000, you're getting a really big house in Parkland probably on a big lot. And it's probably a lot newer compared to let's call it Boca Raton, where it's probably, it could be depending on the area of the neighborhood. An, older house maybe on a smaller lot, but you're farther East. You're closer to the beach so you're paying for the location. You get a lot more bang for your buck with housing in Parkland.

All right, so let's get into cons. Con number one. To stay on the topic of housing is that housing is expensive here. The median home price in Parkland is about 830,000. So while you get more bang for your buck, Parkland starts at a much higher price. So you really, aren't getting a single family home in Parkland for much less than 500,000. There are some townhouse options. There's a couple of condos here and there in Parkland that you could probably get, you know, in the 300 to $400,000 range. But Parkland really just is an expensive area. It's a very affluent area, you know, doctors, lawyers, business owners, things like that. So home prices are very high in Parkland. It's not cheap to live here. You really do have to make a very good income to be able to afford Parkland. But with that being said, if you have a high budget, you get more bang for your buck for the same amount of money in Parkland compared to some of the surrounding cities, you typically get a much bigger home.

Con number two is that Parkland is remote. Parkland was designed this way on purpose it's in the Northwest part of Broward County. So it's gonna be a little bit farther of a drive to get to Fort Lauderdale or Miami or West Palm beach but it's designed that way on purpose. It gives you a nice rural residential feel. So then the speed limits are 30 to 40 an hour. It's gonna take you a little bit longer to get anywhere, but it's designed like that on purpose. You could look at it as a pro. A lot of people, they like that, you know, rural slower pace of life, the residential feel that you're gonna find in Parkland. They really enjoy that and that's kind of the draw for them to move to Parkland. But if you're looking for that city feel, you know, being close to a lot of stuff, Parkland probably just isn't the right fit for you.

Con number three. Entry-level homes are hard to come by. Like we were discussing, the price point for Parkland starts at roughly 500,000. So there's not a lot of inexpensive options to choose from. You gotta have a lot of money, if you wanna live in Parkland. It is expensive. You get more bang for your buck, but there's not a lot of options on the lower end of the spectrum. So if your budget is and you're looking for a single family house, if it's less than 500,000, Parkland probably isn't the right fit for you. You can find bigger and better houses in also very good areas in some of the surrounding cities, but Parkland is just, it's an expensive area to live in. There's not a lot of entry-level homes starter homes in Parkland.

Con number four. There's not a lot of nightlife. There's not a lot of shopping and restaurants in Parkland. Again, it was designed to have that very residential feel. So there's not a lot of, you know, shopping plazas and commercial development in Parkland. My wife always complains. There's only one Starbucks in the entire city of Parkland. You know, if you wanna be close to a major mall or, you know, with a lot of nightlife, and a lot of you know, bars and restaurants, again, Parkland just probably isn't for you. It's designed on purpose to have that residential feel. You're close to everything you need to get to. You're gonna have to drive a little bit farther, you know, 10 minutes drive gets into Coral Springs or Boca or Coconut Creek, some of the surrounding cities on the border of Parkland here. And there's anything you could want in those cities. So it's not like you're in the middle of nowhere and you can't get anything. There's just not a ton of residential of, excuse me, commercial development and big malls and stuff like that. But you're, depending on where you are in Parkland, maybe a 15 or 20 minute drive to The Boca Mall which is a world-class five-star mall. They just renovated the whole thing. You know, you're 20 to 30 minutes from the beach. You can drive 20 to 30 minutes to get to Fort Lauderdale, 45 minutes or so it gets you to Miami, 45 minutes to West Palm beach. So you're relatively close to anything that you could ever want, but you're go have to drive just a little bit farther to get there, but the people who live in Parkland they're choosing that lifestyle. They don't mind the extra 10 minutes in the car because it gives them the quality of life that they're looking for that more residential feel maybe they like it for their, you know, their kids or that's just kind of what they're used to and what they like. You know that's just kinda how Parkland is. You get used to it.

There's everything you could want right on the border of Parkland. So you're just a little bit farther of a drive for you. So this one could be a pro or a con depending on how you look at it. But Parkland has a lot of gated neighborhoods that have relatively high HOA, so a couple hundred bucks a month all the way up to, you know, six, seven, 800 bucks a month. If you're in Parkland Dolphin country, and you're getting, you know, the guard Gates and the big clubhouse and all the kinds of amenities that you could ever want. So some people really like hos and they will want those amenities. And some people don't. You have options in both but depending on how you look at it. A lot of the neighborhoods in Parkland are gated. So, you know, that could be a pro or a con depending on what you guys are looking for.

So that's it for our pros and cons video. If you have any questions about moving to Parkland, whether it's schools, things to do, sports, neighborhoods, real estate, you name it. If you have any questions about Parkland, whether out to us, like I said, I was born and raised here and sell homes in Parkland every single day. We are the area experts. I would love to be your realtor of choice when moving to Parkland.

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