Top Elementary Schools in Coral Springs, FL

Coral Springs is one of the best places to live in Florida. The Broward County city promises families an urban, suburban feel with countless shops, parks, food, and pleasant weather all year round! However, relocating requires you to consider different factors, including the cost of living, the job market, and, of course, education.

Coral Springs offers a broad range of elementary school choices. All schools provide a quality elementary education with experienced and dedicated educators. Each has strengths, helping families select the best for their child’s needs. From the many elementary schools in Coral Springs, FL, here is the cream of the crop:

Eagle Ridge Elementary School

Address: 11500 Westview Dr, Coral Springs, FL 33076, United States

Phone: +1 754-322-6300

As a highly-rated public school in Coral Springs, Eagle Ridge Elementary School offers students a nurturing environment. It’s known for its academic excellence, providing over 800 PK, K-5 students with a balanced and comprehensive elementary education. 80% of Eagle Ridge students are proficient in math and 76% in reading and the student-teacher ratio is 17 to one. Eagle Ridge Elementary School is among the top 20 public schools in Broward County.

Renaissance Charter School at Coral Springs

Address: Northwest 62nd Avenue, 6250 W Sample Rd, Coral Springs, FL 33067, United States

Phone: +1 954-369-1179

Renaissance Charter School at Coral Springs offers above-average elementary and middle school education. With a great student-teacher ratio, this elementary school is also acclaimed in Coral Springs. The Renaissance Charter School has over 1500 students, each with strong progress in academic skills. Their elementary school program provides a foundation for elementary-level students and advanced STEM coursework in middle school.

Westchester Elementary School

Address: 12405 Royal Palm Blvd, Coral Springs, FL 33065, United States

Phone: +1 754-322-8900

Serving over 1000 students, Westchester Elementary School has a student-teacher ratio of 19 to one. It placed in the top 50% of all Florida schools for overall test scores, with 50% of students proficient in math and 63% in reading. Westchester’s minority enrollment is 75% of the student body, making it one of the most diverse schools in the state!

Park Springs Elementary School

Address: 5800 NW 66th Terrace, Coral Springs, FL 33067, United States

Phone: +1 754-322-7750

Park Springs Elementary School is another highly-rated elementary school in Coral Springs. It has over 800 students, many of whom demonstrate substantial progress in academic skills. 74% of Park Springs Elementary students are proficient in math and 68% in reading. The student-teacher ratio is 15 to one, with students having excellent academic progress and high test scores.

Riverside Elementary School

Address: 11450 Riverside Dr, Coral Springs, FL 33071, United States

Phone: +1 754-322-8250

Riverside Elementary School is among the highest-performing elementary schools in Coral Springs, FL, serving around 700 students. Test scores at this elementary school are above the state average, with 58% of students proficient in reading and 48% in math. Riverside Elementary School is also among the top 50 most diverse schools in the state, with a minority enrollment rate of 62%.

Maplewood Elementary School

Address: 9850 Ramblewood Dr, Coral Springs, FL 33071, United States

Phone: +1 754-322-6850

Another elementary school that takes pride in diversity and the overall elementary educational experience is Maplewood Elementary School. It has over 600 students, with a student-teacher ratio of 16 to one. Minority enrollment is 73% of the student body, higher than the 64% state average. 51% of Maplewood students are proficient in math and 58% in reading and language arts.

Parkside Elementary School

Address: 10257 NW 29th St, Coral Springs, FL 33065, United States

Phone: +1 754-322-7850

Parkside Elementary School has over 800 students with a student-teacher ratio of 15 to one. 55% of Parkside students are skillful in reading and language arts, and 45% are proficient in math. The school is also proud of its minority enrollment of 79%, the majority of which are Hispanic and Black. Parkside Elementary School is within the top 50% of all Florida schools.

Somerset Academy Riverside

Address: 2251 Riverside Dr, Coral Springs, FL 33065, United States

Phone: +1 954-255-9740

Parents looking for an elementary school with fewer students and a lower student-teacher ratio may consider Somerset Academy Riverside. It has around 200 to 300 students, with a minority enrollment of 86%. Students achieving reading and language arts proficiency is 55 to 59% and 35 to 39% in math. In over five school years, Somerset Academy Riverside’s student population has grown by 1029% and the teacher population by 300%. This promising elementary school is within the top 50% of all Florida schools.

Panacea Prep Charter School

Address: 201 N University Dr, Coral Springs, FL 33071, United States

Phone: +1 954-341-5550

Panacea Prep Charter School also has fewer students. Serving just over 80 students, the student-teacher ratio is 18 to one, with 50 to 59% of students proficient in math. 30 to 39% are skillful in reading, and all students have excellent academic progress. Panacea Prep Charter School also has a minority enrollment of 98% and the largest percentage of students eligible for free lunch.

Ramblewood Elementary School

Address: 8950 Shadow Wood Blvd, Coral Springs, FL 33071, United States

Phone: +1 754-322-8150

Last and definitely not least on our list is Ramblewood Elementary School, which has over 700 students. Many are proficient in reading and language arts at 45% and math at 28%. The student-teacher ratio is 15 to one, and the minority enrollment rate is 76%. Ramblewood Elementary School is within the top 20% of public schools in Florida for diversity, with a large population of Black and Hispanic students.

Tips On Choosing an Elementary School

Coral Springs offers some of the best elementary schools in Florida, with educators and staff committed to providing an excellent elementary learning experience. As you consider the elementary schools mentioned in this article, here are some tips on choosing the right one for your child:

Think About the Most Important Things You Want in a School

Ask yourself what matters the most to you and your child regarding elementary school. Do you prefer small class sizes? Or do you want an elementary school with a strong arts program? Knowing what you’re looking for will help you narrow down your search.

Find a Good Fit For You and Your Child

Remember that elementary school is the foundation of your child’s educational journey. Look for elementary schools in Coral Springs with teachers and staff who understand your needs and can provide a quality elementary education.

Determine the School’s Look and Feel

Visit elementary schools in Coral Springs and get a feel for their look and atmosphere. See if the school has a supportive culture that promotes learning and growth. Also, find out if the elementary school offers activities and other opportunities for your child to explore their interests.

Consider the School’s Philosophy or Educational Approach

When choosing elementary schools in Coral Springs, ask about their educational philosophy. Some elementary schools may focus on a more traditional approach to learning. In contrast, others may embrace a more progressive educational system. Determine which elementary school’s approach resonates best with your child’s needs and learning style.

Consider the Class Sizes

Smaller classes provide more one-on-one time with teachers and can help your child build relationships with other students. A smaller elementary school may also foster a sense of community, which is vital for elementary-aged children.

Determine How the School Addresses Social-Emotional Issues

Regarding elementary school, social-emotional support is just as important as academic success. Ask elementary schools in Coral Springs about their approach to social-emotional learning and how they foster a safe, inclusive learning environment for all students.

Learn the Discipline and Homework Policies

Do elementary schools in Coral Springs emphasize discipline over learning? Or do they provide a balanced approach to student behavior? Knowing the elementary school’s discipline policies can help you understand if it fits your child well. Additionally, ask elementary schools in Coral Springs about their homework policy and how they ensure their students meet educational goals.

Learn the Curriculum

Understand the elementary school’s curriculum and how it caters to your child’s needs. See if elementary schools in Coral Springs offer enrichment programs or educational activities outside of the classroom.

Lastly, find out how elementary schools in Coral Springs are helping their students become well-rounded individuals. Ask about their approach to teaching essential life skills such as creativity, resilience, and problem-solving.

A Bright Future in Coral Springs, FL

Yes, Coral Springs is home to some of the top elementary schools in Florida. With these tips and considerations, you can be confident that you are moving to a new city where your elementary-aged children can receive a quality education.

The best elementary schools in Coral Springs offer an education emphasizing academics and social-emotional learning, creating a solid foundation for your children. So, take your time and find the elementary school that best fits you and your child’s needs. Consider all the factors and visit schools to find the right one.

Coral Springs is ready to help your child develop the skills to build a bright future. You can ensure your child’s elementary education is filled with learning and growth. Welcome to Coral Springs!

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