Top Middle Schools in Coral Springs, FL

Coral Springs is highly regarded for its friendly community, booming economy, state-of-the-art recreational amenities, and some of the best educational institutions. If you are considering moving to the beautiful City of Coral Springs with a family, there are several excellent middle schools in Coral Springs, FL for your young ones.

Here is a list of the top middle schools in Coral Springs, Florida to help you choose the one that meets your and your child’s needs.

Coral Springs Charter School

Coral Springs Charter School is one of the finest middle schools in Coral Springs, Florida, with excellent ratings and a reputation for an elite educational environment. For the 2020 to 2021 academic year, Coral Springs Charter School scored among the top 30% of all Florida schools in terms of overall test scores; top 30% in math and top 20% in reading.

59% of Coral Springs Charter School students achieved proficiency in math, which is greater than the state average of Florida, which is 48%. 67% of students achieved proficiency in reading and language arts, exceeding the 52% state average for Florida. In addition, Coral Springs Charter School has a graduation rate in the top 1%. They not only offer quality education but also excellent facilities and educational initiatives that can help children grow as individuals and prepare for a bright future.

Coral Springs Charter School is one of the best middle schools in Coral Springs because the staff truly stands with its mission statement: “To provide students with the opportunity for personal development and academic success through a safe, challenging, entrepreneurial, and nurturing environment that instills a lifelong desire for learning and actively taking part in life’s opportunities.”

Sawgrass Springs Middle School

Sawgrass Springs Middle School is one of Coral Springs’ top public schools. In the 2021 rating, 67% of students at Sawgrass Springs Middle School achieved math proficiency at or above the proficient level, and 55% achieved reading proficiency at or above the proficient level. Sawgrass Springs Middle School has a minority enrollment of 77% compared to the Florida state average of 64%, with a majority of Hispanic and Black students.

Sawgrass Springs Middle School consistently receives positive feedback for its excellent administration, teachers, programs, and environment. The school receives good marks for graduation rates, proficiency on state-mandated exams, and the quality of its high school preparation programs. For the 2020 to 2021 academic year, Sawgrass Springs Middle School was rated among the top 50% of all Florida schools. Throughout five academic years, the school’s diversity and performance have remained largely stable. Sawgrass Springs Middle School maintains consistency throughout time and consistently achieves excellent results.

Center Academy Prep Coral Springs

If you want your child to attend a private school in Coral Springs, Center Academy Prep Coral Springs is among the best options in the city. Center Academy Prep has multiple locations around Florida, and the Coral Springs campus is one of its best. 

Center Academy Prep provides education to middle and high school students through customized coursework. Center Academy Prep has small classes which enable the school and the teachers to cater to each student’s particular learning style and needs.

At Center Academy, each student’s education starts with an evaluation of their personality, learning style, and prior experiences. Center Academy is well-known for the effectiveness of its programs, which are known to enhance the self-esteem and self-confidence of its learners — increasing student motivation levels and encouraging children to put all of their efforts into any task they take on. 

Center Academy can be a special place for your child in Coral Springs. Center Academy constantly receives favorable feedback regarding its community connections, which foster staff, parent, and student unity.

Somerset Academy Riverside

Somerset Academy Riverside Charter Middle School is a public school in Coral Springs. It is ranked in the top 20% of public schools in Florida for the largest student body. Somerset Academy Riverside also receives high praise for its achievements on state-mandated assessments, above-average graduation rates, and successful programs that prepare its students for high school.

For the 2020 to 2021 academic year, only 35% to 39% of students achieved math competence, which is lower than the 48% state average for Florida. However, 50 to 54% of students achieve competence in reading and language arts, which is roughly equivalent to the state average of 52% for Florida. Somerset Academy Riverside’s goal is to increase student success and encourage the growth of accountable, self-directed learners who are lifelong learners in a stimulating learning environment.

Eagles Nest Middle Charter School

Eagles Nest is another excellent middle charter school in Coral Springs that specializes in preparing students for high school using a preparatory curriculum in a safe environment. The minority enrollment of Eagles Nest Middle Charter School is 98% of the student body, with a majority of Black students. For the 2020 to 2021 school year, 50% to 59% of students achieved proficiency in math, which is higher than the 48% Florida state average. However, only 30% to 39% of students achieve proficiency in reading and language arts, which is less than the 52% Florida state average.

Throughout five academic years, the number of students at Eagles Nest Middle Charter School has increased by 89%. There’s no ranking yet for the current school year but Eagles Nest is constantly improving. The Eagles Nest Middle Charter School is thriving in its mission to offer middle school students a wonderful environment for a strong education that will prepare students for high school and move them toward a bright future.

St. Andrew Catholic School

If you want to enroll your child in a catholic middle school, St. Andrew Catholic School is among the best-rated private schools in Florida. St. Andrew Catholic School has one of the largest student populations among Catholic institutions and offers affordable tuition. The school’s goal is to give families the means to raise their kids in the Catholic faith and the customs of the Church. The school is dedicated to instilling in children a sense of their duty to care for the environment. In addition, St. Andrew Catholic School is popular for its dedication to school programs that help cultivate each student’s unique talents.

St. Andrew Catholic School is known for its dedication to faith, hope, love, and charity for all people and has a long history of serving others. They have reliable staff members and teachers who will teach, guide, and mentor students — teachers with bachelor’s degrees or above who are certified professionals or who are working toward certification. Further, the school promotes active discipleship among all students by making them conscious of their obligations to Christ, the Church, their families, society, and themselves.

Parkridge Christian Academy

Parkridge Christian Academy is a top-ranked Christian middle school in Coral Springs, FL if you are looking for a Christian school for your child. Parkridge Christian Academy is run as a community outreach ministry of Parkridge Church and provides students with a Biblical perspective through engaging individualized instruction. Parkridge Christian Academy follows a reliable, Christ-centered curriculum for its school students.

The school values the involvement of parents and teachers as co-instructors to achieve educational success. This helps to ensure that the child-parent relationship is preserved and that the child is comfortable and content with their middle school journey. Further, Parkridge Christian Academy has a thriving athletic program that enables students to take part in their favorite sports and develop their athletic abilities.

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  • Phone: (954) 346-0236 
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The Bottom Line

Coral Springs is home to numerous outstanding middle schools that cater to all needs and interests of both parents and children. Coral Springs has a variety of middle schools to fulfill your needs, whether you want your child to attend a public or private school, a charter school, a Catholic or a Christian school, a boarding school, or a day school. The many top-rated middle schools in Coral Springs have you covered no matter what special programs or learning accommodations your child may need.

The proximity to excellent middle schools is one reason why Coral Springs is a terrific area to live with a family. You can choose the kind of school that would best suit your demands in terms of tuition costs, travel distances, accessibility, and other factors for your child. Surely, you can find a middle school that is ideal for your youngster no matter what you need.

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